About Me

Hi, I am Magali!

But you can call me Maggie. I am currently living in the Pittsburgh area after living all my life in Central Coast California. Even though it's a big change, I have loved being able to enjoy all 4 seasons. I have been married to my wonderful husband the past 7 years and together we have filled our house with pets (and pet hair!). 

I consider myself an extroverted introvert if that makes any sense. Growing up in a big family, I really learned to hide my introvertedness, but I really am quiet at heart. I wish I was a little more outdoorsy, but indoors and movies/tv shows have my heart. I love all pets, and wish I could live in a farm, but for now cats have my heart! (Although I do love my doggies more than words could ever explain!) 

As far as photography goes, ever since I was little, I have always had a camera on hand. Never really knew why pictures fascinated me so much, until I found out I had aphantasia (the inability to visualize). Now, for me personally, it has never really been an issue, but I realized that my love for photographs in great part stemmed from the fact that a single picture could literally take me back to a place, a moment in time, a memory that in other cases would be forgotten. So, it explains why I've always taken photographs of everything! Now, it may sound like a random side story, but it really affects the way I photograph sessions & weddings. I take pictures of absolutely everything, no moment is too small! I naturally and instinctively try to capture all moments for you as I would like done for myself.

As far as my photography style, I describe myself as mainly photojournalistic (documentary) with elements of traditional and landscape photography. So what does this mean for you? Well, simply put, it means I thrive in candid moments, in capturing the real and the raw emotions of your wedding day. Instead of having mostly posed pictures, you will have photographs showing authentic emotions. However, I do see the great importance in having your traditional shots as well, and those are never forgotten. I do love a great traditional shot, and many times I add a little spice to it by incorporating landscape elements. As far as editing, I try to stay pretty natural, but do lean towards warmer tones.


What Past Clients Have Said

What Past Clients Have Said

“I personally have never felt so comfortable with a photographer before! All the credit goes to Magali's sweet personality and excellent photography skills. (...) Although I only met them the day of, I instantly felt so comfortable, and that comfort reflects in how natural our photos turned out.”