Sunrise Session

Early mornings are not everyone's cup of tea, but when I met with this beautiful family for a sunrise session by the beach, I started to wonder why more people don't book a morning session. I mean, I get it! Believe me! I'm kind of a morning person, just not a very PRODUCTIVE morning person. So I wake up early and for the most part kill some time. I love blankets and it's hard for me to let them go unless I got somewhere to be. So, I get it!!! Most people, including myself, would normally book something more along "normal hours" maybe sunset to get that golden hour and warm sun, but if this sunrise session made me realize one thing, is that these sessions are completely underrated and more people should really consider booking them! So I decided to share some of the perks!

  1. Imagine this: You wake up (yes a bit early and with the help of an alarm or two). You may wonder why in the world you decided to wake up so early on your day off. Then, you remember you got pictures today. You get a burst of energy, drink a cup of coffee, get ready for your morning session, and start the drive to the location of your pictures. Now hear this: NO TRAFFIC!!! By the time everyone else is barely waking up, you are caffeinated, dressed up, and at a beautiful location with a very excited photographer ready to capture some beautiful memories! You get to breath that fresh morning air and you get to witness the sky lighting up, and that just hits different. Automatically, you are in a great mood!
  2. So, on to perk #2: Remember me mentioning there's "NO TRAFFIC!!!"? Well, guess what? That means that 99% of the time, you show up to your great location and it is empty. It's basically just you and your family or significant other with your photographer, because almost everyone else is still in bed. Lots of perks to this! If you are anything like me, I am a bit camera shy. So taking pictures, and on top of that, having a lot of people walk by, makes me a little extra nervous. I know people are there to see the views or enjoy the location, but still it's not something you have to worry about during a sunrise session! Not gonna lie, you'll still see some people around, but significantly less! In my books, that's a perk!
  3. Perk #3: You have the rest of the day wide open for you to do as you please. Think about it: You are caffeinated, dressed up, in a good mood because you just finished taking your amazing pictures with your awesome photographer (hopefully me!), and it's barely 8 or 9am!! (Mind Blown!!) You got the rest of the day ahead of you and the possibilities are endless! Go grab your favorite breakfast at your favorite breakfast spot, start a little road trip somewhere you've been wanting to go (for me it would be Petaluma for their breweries), head to the beach, or go home and take a nap knowing you had such an amazing and productive morning.
  4. Perk #4 (and last one for now): You get to start your morning with the ones you love capturing memories that will last a lifetime! Not much more to say about that! (Mic Drop)

(Pick mic back up because I need to finish my blog.) So, again, are morning sessions for everyone? Maybe, maybe not. But should you consider them? Most definitely yes!

Need more proof: Check out this gorgeous family sunrise session at La Selva Beach!